Why you should get good car insurance

In the end, it is always best to have good car insurance cover- not only because it’s the law, but also to minimise any possible inconvenience in the event of an accident. Here, we take a look at the advantages of a good motor insurance policy.Peace of mind really is very important. It is good to know that if one is involved in an accident, which can happen to anyone even if it is not his or her fault, that any liability is covered. Help is also available in pursuing any compensation or possible claim for negligence, treatment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Cheaper policies may exclude or limit these areas of cover; good policies will include them – adequately.Other possible policy benefits to look out for include breakdown and accident recovery of the vehicle, completing the journey and the cost of any hotel accommodation if necessary. Can you think of many situations worse than the hassle and bother of being stranded with a vehicle that is damaged or has broken down, perhaps a long way from home and combined with the stress of extra expense? Quality insurers offer roadside and backup assistance to make things easier.A courtesy car can be made available on some policies, while your own vehicle is being repaired. Other options to check for include cover for legal costs – to have professional services help you with negotiations and claims. Without this, legal and professional fees can soon add up and can also be very time consuming. Having someone do it for you means you can concentrate your energies on recuperation and getting back to normal, without extra pressure.Good car insurance policies usually offer a new replacement vehicle if the old one was less than twelve months old. There is also an ‘uninsured driver promise’ – for a comprehensively insured driver who through no fault of their own has a car which suffers damage by an uninsured motorist, it might be possible keep retain the no claims discount. In such cases, try to get the other driver’s details and registration number, as it is then possible to recover the claims excess too (the first part of the claim, payable by the insured).When comparing policies, some other considerations to bear in mind include the availability of help lines, which some insurers operate up to twenty-four hours a day. Several also include other bonus items such as a complimentary annual ‘green card’ for personal policyholders when driving abroad on holiday. It is a good idea to compare the cover for windscreen glass and music system claims, as well as personal belongings and child car seats.Finally, a reminder that UK law requires all vehicle owners to have a minimum of third party insurance, unless a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) has been completed. See https://www.gov.uk/make-a-sorn for further details.Safe motoring!